Pendulum Man

I can't tell you anything at all / And that's the biggest joke of all.

Dec 28
Shoegaze 101
(From bottom to top)
Amusement Parks On Fire - Amusement Parks On FireAmusement Parks On Fire - Out Of The AngelesBark Psychosis - HexChapterhouse - WhirlpoolCocteau Twins - Head Over HeelsCocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las VegasCocteau Twins - TreasureCurve - DoppelgangerEsben & The Witch - Violet CriesGalaxie 500 - TodayJesus And Mary Chain - PsychocandyMy Bloody Valentine - Isn’t AnythingMy Bloody Valentine - You made Me Realise EPMy Bloody Valentine - LovelessThe Raveonettes - Raven In The GraveRingo Deathstarr - Colour TripSlowdive - Holding Our Breath EPSlowdive - Morningrise EPSlowdive - Just For A DaySlowdive - Souvlaki

Shoegaze 101

(From bottom to top)

Amusement Parks On Fire - Amusement Parks On Fire
Amusement Parks On Fire - Out Of The Angeles
Bark Psychosis - Hex
Chapterhouse - Whirlpool
Cocteau Twins - Head Over Heels
Cocteau Twins - Heaven Or Las Vegas
Cocteau Twins - Treasure
Curve - Doppelganger
Esben & The Witch - Violet Cries
Galaxie 500 - Today
Jesus And Mary Chain - Psychocandy
My Bloody Valentine - Isn’t Anything
My Bloody Valentine - You made Me Realise EP
My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave
Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip
Slowdive - Holding Our Breath EP
Slowdive - Morningrise EP
Slowdive - Just For A Day
Slowdive - Souvlaki


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