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Mar 18


Words haven’t been coming so easily recently. I have now pretty thoroughly cleaned out the sounds in my head that had been lingering for a year and were starting to get tedious. Incidentally, the photos on the cover were taken in Berlin in late March 2011, and being able to get rid of little swirling melodies that were ubiquitous, swirling, since then, has been cathartic. Hugely cathartic. Unfortunately it has contributed to having nothing much to say now. That, and frankly I’d rather not do some of my armchair analysing in public.

So what’s the next project then? What can next focus my mind - or rather, focus it in a certain direction of further wandering? There are Alyssa’s songs, but we’ve both stalled on those somewhat recently. I have my ideas about how a finished product should sound, but then mine aren’t the thoughts that matter. There is the first ever Convex Mancave live show which could be a blast or could be a disaster - but either way, that’ll just be 20 minutes of blinding noise, an imploding chicken run.

For the time being, I haven’t got words - I just have the record below playing, which says everything I would ever want to, just infinitely better. Still, who’s complaining about perfection?


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