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Jul 31

Lost Between The Bars

Something I knocked together ages ago. What happens when Charlotte & Bob meet Mojave 3? Let’s find out…

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Apr 28

Greyhound Out Of Mainline - For Jonathan Meades

I’ve been working on this for a great deal longer than I should have done, basically down to pig laziness. However, the latest Greyhound Out Of Mainline EP is now done, is a free download on Bandcamp, and is a set of covers - hyper-lo-fi, (more) miserablist versions of songs by Mansun, Savage Garden, Mojave 3 and eagleowl.

Tracklist is -

1. Ssik
2. I Can Only Disappoint U (Mansun)
3. Teferone
4. To The Moon And Back (Savage Garden)
5. Between The Bars (Mojave 3)
6. Into The Fold (eagleowl)

Download it here. I hope you like it -

Teferone is a brief, original Greyhound Out Of Mainline track. The sample in ‘Ssik’ was recorded by E Trethowan in Egmont, Copenhagen, 2010. The photography is by P Němečková. It’s Katowice Central Station, by the way.

This EP is for… guess.

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